A modest grand tour of the Highlands and Islands – Stage 5: South Uist to Barra

We leave the wide open spaces of South Uist and catch the Eriskay to Ardmhor (Barra) ferry across the Sound of Barra, famous for the 1941 whisky looting episode fictionalised by Compton MacKenzie in Whisky Galore!

Our arrival in Barra is blessed with perfect sunny weather and we make for Barra Airport which is at the north end of the island, not far from the ferry pier, on Eoligarry Sands. There is reputed to be a good cafe at the airport, with views over the sands, and this turns out to be the case. We are lucky enough to witness a plane landing and then taking off. We decide that this will be the way we will come to Barra next!

We walk around the Eoligarry peninsula and have amazing views in all directions. We also note that a farmer here has a sense of humour!

We stay in Castlebay with its pretty castle in the bay, an ancient structure that has been renovated by the Head of the MacNeil clan in the twentieth century.

Barra is small and all of its settlements are located around the coast. To the south is Vatersay, the southernmost island with permanent settlements in the Outer Hebrides. It has been connected by a causeway to Barra since 2004. We explore its dunes and wonderful beaches. I even brave the waters and have a swim. A very short swim! It is cold!

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