Crocodiles in Bangkok

We are impressed by the efficiency of the taxi rank at Don Muang Airport. There is a system of parallel queuing and after about five minutes we are given a ticket and ushered to a cab. The only slight problem is that our driver doesn’t know where our hotel is in spite of being given written directions in Thai. However, thanks to the miracle of the mobile phone, all becomes clear and we are soon ensconced in the Praya Palazzo Hotel, which is billed as a boutique converted 19th century palace. Nice place, if a little quirky.

After scaling the dizzy heights of Wat Arun – whatever you do, don’t look down – we take a long-tailed boat tour of the klongs. We pass through a lock at impressive speed, much to the terror of the French couple that we generously allow to sit in the front. No sooner have we all settled down than our driver yells out ‘crocodile!’ and sure enough there is one basking on the nearby bank. However, once we pick ourselves off the floor and peer over the side, we can see that it’s a kind of monitor lizard, albeit of a size you would not want to encounter when out for a swim.

Nice to sample the pleasures of big city life again!




Long-tailed launch


Wat Arun

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