Out with the old, in with the new

Sukorn Beach Bungalows - old

Sukorn Beach Bungalows – old

The new

The new

The jet skis!

The jet skis!

Koh Sukorn is a quiet place, off the beaten track of Thai tourism. Sukorn Beach Bungalows is a slightly shabby, but comfortable and well run resort, attracting a disproportionate number of Germans in their mature years. Although not German, we fit in just fine.

But all is about to change! The old place may even be swept away – not by a tsunami, I hasten to add, but by ‘progress’.

The Dutch / Thai owners have sold up and it has been bought by a Trang-based company that has big plans to turn it into a much larger scale resort. There is talk that the bungalows will be knocked down. Already a substantial development of new green-roofed chalets has appeared next door.

It’s not that the old buildings are particularly beautiful. The restaurant could certainly do with some improvement. But the place has about it a civilised ethos and a friendly lived-in feel that the row of new jet skis just down the beach definitely jeopardise!

Yet another unspoilt corner is about to disappear for ever.


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