Blocked in China

Two things to bear in mind if you plan to write a blog while travelling abroad and especially in China:
1) If you decide to take a wireless keyboard to use with your tablet (as I did), make sure you switch off Bluetooth before you pack your keyboard and iPad in your case. If not, the keys get pressed in transit and the iPad thinks someone is trying to enter its password. Result: when you next try to use it, you find your iPad is disabled and can only be revived by wiring it up to your computer at home and restoring it through iTunes.
2) Check out which websites are blocked in China before you go. I used (which is blocked). Facebook is also blocked, as is Gmail on a computer (but not on a mobile).
Ergo, my blog did not get posted once I entered China!

However, although the trip is over, this is not the end! The blog will be resumed after a decent pause in which I recover from jet-lag, cut the grass, etc.

About ihavedoneagoodayswork

I am a retired teacher of English as a foreign language who has worked in different parts of Asia - east, west and south.

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